What if you got your oils paid for...or more?

What if you got your oils paid for...or more?

  • Being a product of the product is important in a Young Living business.
  • If you love something it is so natural to talk about it.
  • Your excitement is contagious!
  • “Sell” doesn’t have to be a scary four letter word.
  • Sharing the positive experiences, you’ve had with Essential Oils and Young Living products
    is enough to get you started.
  • If you talk about Essential oils, pull them out of your purse and use them in front of others
    or have a diffuser going in your home, you’re already a walking/talking billboard for the
What is your motivation to share your oils?

What is your motivation to share your oils?

  • Share something that has worked for you and your family.
  • A creative, entrepreneurial outlet.
  • Residual income for your family.
  • Earn enough money to get your products paid for.
  • Have a back up plan or an emergency fund.
  • Replace an income.
  • Work from home with your family.
  • Travel more or pay for vacations.


Perks of The Job

Perks of The Job

  • When you enroll in Essential Rewards and you’re doing your minimum 100 PV for the
    business, you’re earning ER points to get free products, and if you do the higher PV levels
    for the promos, you can earn even more free products!
  • Young Living has several opportunities to earn free trips and vacations as you advance in rank to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and beyond. Can you imagine earning a trip to one of Young Living’s farms?
  • The Young Living community is like no other. The men and women building Young Living businesses are some of the most positive and supportive people I’ve met!
Fight the Insecurities

Fight the Insecurities

  • The number one thing people want to know is YOUR story. How have YOU used your oils?
  • Imagine if your friend never told you about YL because she thought you couldn’t afford it or didn’t think you needed it?
  • It is said that every person knows at least 2,000 people. Just take a look at someone’s Facebook friend list. We often have some overlap but it is amazing to see how many people we don’t have in common. It’s not always who YOU know, but who do your friends know?
What level of commitment is required?

What level of commitment is required?

  • This is totally up to YOU. We are here to support you and cheer you on no matter what your level of commitment is.
  • You are your own boss, you work on your own terms.
  • Lets chat about your goals and what you want out of this business and I’ll help you determine what you can do to get there!
What happens next?

What happens next?

  • First things first: start sharing. Share about an oil you love and why. Tell people on social media without talking about selling the oils, just share what you love.
  • Enroll in Essential Rewards and make a minimum 100 PV order (although most people order 300 PV to get all the freebies). This qualifies you to get all the bonuses and commissions from when people enroll with you.
  • Learn about the oils and business as you grow! You have us here to support you and you can learn at your own pace.
  • Text the word BUSINESS to 864-973-7044 to get plugged in to our next business launch call!
How do we get paid?

How do we get paid?

  • Every time someone enrolls with a Premium Starter Kit with your member number you earn $25 plus 25% of the PV they order–>at least $50 total.
  • As your team grows, so does your check! Anyone who is a member can refer someone to Young Living even if they aren’t a “business builder.” Encouraging everyone to share can lead to lots of growth.
  • Helping your members see the value in joining Essential Rewards helps them embrace the Young Living lifestyle and achieve their wellness goals while also building a strong foundation of recurring monthly orders.
  • Have you taken a look at the Young Living Income Disclosure?
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