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on April 22, 2019

Great Expectations


“I have been bent and broken, but – I hope – into a better shape.”
― Charles Dickens

You only seem to remember the good times while the tough times seem to take a little more energy to dig back up.  You see a cute baby and think “Awww…maybe we should have another child.  Remember how cute our kids were at that age?”  How quickly you forget the sleepless nights, the diaper changing, and the daily struggle to keep the house tidy and your sanity (kids are really cute though).

This “diary blog” is to document and share both the good times AND the tough times on my journey from Star to Diamond with Young Living.  My wife Kara is a Diamond with Young Living and just like the cute baby, when we look at it and think “How did we get here?” we tend to only remember the good times – meeting new people and the relationships we built, the retreats to the farms, the lifestyle we created, and the overall joy this community has brought us.  We have to really think hard about the tough times – driving 2 hrs (and back) to host a class, waking up at 5 am so that we can get a head start on the day, the workshops where no one showed up, and all of the people who said no.

I want to document ALL OF IT on my journey.


What you can expect from Diamond Diaries...


We all fail and we all succeed.  I will share with you my ideas, my fears, my excitement, my wins, and my losses. All of the saucy stuff.   What is going to hard for me is to share are my failures…or what I am going to start calling “lessons learned”.

A lot of Weeding 

One of my self-imposed weaknesses is that I tend to get into the weeds which results in no action.  I tend to (and at an  impressive speed) overthink every little detail…what if this happens, what will people think, how will I build it, how does the internet work, why is Pluto no longer a planet, etc.  The end result is that I talk myself out of it and fail to act.


Everyone needs evolve. You don’t have to grow a third lung or another arm, but rather grow your mind, your habits (good ones), your heath, your vision, your actions, your knowledge, etc.  Just like I am trying to evolve, this blog will evolve as well.  I am going to include in the weekly posts what I am personally working on to make myself better along my path to Diamond and life in general.  Podcasts, books, habits, music, quotes, relationships…..all is game.

Humor and Sarcasm

I like humor and I like sarcasm so expect a lot of it.  If you don’t like it, just skip that part.


Weekly Evolution

What I am listening to: The Glitch Mob.  A few years back I listened to a really interesting podcast by Tim Ferriss (more on him in later posts) where he interviewed The Glitch Mob.  What I found really interesting what the #science behind piecing digital sounds together to make music.  To me, digital sounds don’t even make sense.  I don’t even know where they come from…but they spent countless hours tweaking the tones and sounds into something that is quite amazing. Yout Tube them – I am liking the Drink the Sea album.

Quote I am trying to figure out:

The question isn’t ‘what are we going to do’, the question is ‘what aren’t we going to do?’ “- Ferris Bueller.  

I have always been a fan of IPAs (both of the beer and the Income Producing Activities varieties).  It wasn’t until just recently that I started putting down things that I will NOT do and not just a list of things I think I need to do on my ‘To Do List”.  This is starting to keep me focused on doing those IPAs and focused on Diamond.

What I am reading: Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins.  For two reasons….One, I need to figure out this whole “investing” thing and make better use of our money.  I don’t like following the 98% of the world and what they are doing. Hopefully this book will lead me to finding out what the 2% does with their money (actually, Richard Bliss Brooke told me it is what the .01% do).  Two – I just found the book in an old storage box and the book been on my mind for the past 2 years (I probably should have just bought a new copy a while ago).

Yes…this post does have affiliate links.  All affiliate income will be donated to the Young Living Foundation where 100% of the donations go to the cause, not the administration.
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  1. I’m looking forward to following your journey. I’m certain that it will have lots of nuggets, tha I will take on my journey as well. 🙂

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