Profile FAQ

Your custom profile page is an excellent tool for prospects to find and reach out to you online.  The profile will allow you to add graphics, bios, skills, contact forms, monthly promos (added automatically each month!), sign up links, and many more features.  You can even elect to have your location (we recommend using a nearby address, not your own) on a map so that prospects can find an expert near them!

The profile page gets me really excited for you.

Some helpful tips to get started……

  • You need to initially create your profile page from your Account Portal page by scrolling down to “Create New Team Member Profile” towards the bottom of the page.
  • Once you setup your page, go back into our Account Portal page and you will see that the “Profile” button has now appeared.  Click the “Profile” button to further customize your page. This is where the creativity begins.
  • Watch the “Tips on Setting Up Your Profile” video towards the bottom of your Account Portal.  This video will walk you through all the details of initially setting up your profile page and maximizing your sites potential.
  • The Profile Cover Photo will default to the YL Lavender Farm and Distillery in Mona, Utah. You can keep it or make your own, just like Facebook. is an excellent tool to edit and size photos.
  • The monthly promos are automatically fed from Young Living at the start of each month.  There is nothing you need to do except share!
  • Test out your contact forms….”Schedule a Class”  and “Contact” .  The email should go to your own email inbox (gmail, aol, etc)
  • Test the “Sign Me Up” link.  It should direct you to the Young Living sign up page with your your member number prepopulated.  If your member number is not showing up, make sure you have “Young Living” checked within the business tab on the profile setup page and your member # entered.
  • Make note of your personalized web address ( so that you can share with prospects and team members.
  • Remember to share the Divine Wellness Project website and resources with your team members.  Anyone in our downline that has a YL Member # can utilize the resources, course, and create a profile page.

*Just a reminder, your profile is built by Word Press and even though it is “customizable”, there are limitations to additional fields that can be added. As we grow, we will continue to work on addding new features to help you grow your business.


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