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This is Step One in your new toxic chemical free lifestyle because it going to eliminate the need for a ton of the toxic chemicals you may have in your home, help you support your WHOLE BODY wellness and support your emotions while you chip away at this fresh new lifestyle. These little bottles of plant juices are super potent and do #allthethings.

Here’s an overview of what these bottles do for you AND you’ll get even more ideas from our “Unbox Your Kit” series in our member portal once you get started with our Divine Wellness Community.

When you get started with the member that sent you to this page you are getting way more than quality wellness products at a discount, you are joining a community of positive, supportive men and women who want to see you achieve your wellness goals! As a bonus, when you’re a member you always have an income opportunity in your back pocket. No pressure to use it, it’s just there for you when you’re ready. Take a look at the income disclosure here.

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Why Young Living?

Why Young Living?

Young Living was founded in 1993, and is the largest, most trusted essential oil company in the world. Young Living has over 25+ years of research and experience, and is the only company that has the Seed to Seal® guarantee AND owns our own farms (KNOW THY FARMER).

So what is Seed to Seal? It is a promise that from the moment a seed is sourced, to the time that bottle is sealed and delivered to your doorstep, you’re guaranteed purity, safety, and authenticity in your oils – with no funny business. Young Living is 100% transparent in the entire process and ANYONE can visit their farm to see the process up close and personal. Young Living completes 8 different tests on every batch of oil that is made. The visitor’s center in Cape Town, South Africa is opening in early 2019. Learn more here.

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Three Ways to Use Essential Oils

Three Ways to Use Essential Oils

Topically: Apply to them directly to your skin by mixing them with a carrier oil (like coconut oil). Just a drop in the palm of your had with a dab of carrier oil and you can apply.

Inhalation: Diffusing is the most popular way to do this or by applying to your hands and cupping them over your nose and mouth. There is even diffuser jewelry you can use to smell the essential oils all day long. 

Ingesting: Put a couple of drops in a capsule with a carrier oil, mix a drop in tea with honey or a drop in your Ningxia Red shot! You’ll see some great recipes on our team website when you’re a member.

The Foundational Oils in the Starter Kit

The Foundational Oils in the Starter Kit

Young Living did a great job of giving you a little of everything you need to get started using essential oils. Let’s start talking about the oils in the kit!

Thieves Essential Oil Blend is the oil that shifted my mindset from one of being afraid of germs and thinking I’d always get sick to understanding I can boost my immune system and help my body!

Lemon Essential Oil is cold pressed from the rind…wonderful and yummy in my water and also great at getting any sticky stuff off of things.

Peppermint Essential Oil is going to wake you up! Peppermint is so energizing. I diffuse it when I need to focus or be alert. So great for digestion too.

DiGize Essential Oil Blend stays in my purse and I put a drop under my tongue or rub it on my tummy after a big meal to avoid the bloating. This has saved me on so many vacations!

AromaEase Essential Oil Blend is another option that should be on hand always! Rub this on your chest and neck when you’re driving long distance, sailing or maybe hopping on a rollercoaster. Revitalizing!

The Foundational Oils in the Starter Kit

The Foundational Oils in the Starter Kit

Purification Essential Oil Blend provides a refreshing aroma in the air. Those nasty old sneakers or burned dinner smells can’t hold a candle to this blend! Refreshing on dryer balls too.

RC Essential Oil Blend is the most amazing oil to use as a vapor chest rub.

Cedarwood Essential Oil Blend is all about relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being, helping to dampen tensions and uplift spirits. It also works well in hair care products to enhance shine and thickness.

Deep Relief Essential Oil Blend is a game changer. Your neck and shoulders will thank you. There is nothing like the cool tingle of this blend rejuvenating your muscles.

Lavender Essential Oil is what I reach for for pretty much anything. This is what you are going to pop in your diffuser when you get your kit to get an amazing nights sleep.

PanAway Essential Oil Blend is great for sore muscles from working out or sitting at the computer all day: It’s like liquid gold so I mix it up with some coconut oil into a “cream” and store in a jar.

Grab Your Kit and Join the Community!

Grab Your Kit and Join the Community!

Be sure to refer back to the member who sent you here! That person has a referral number for you to use. (Check out some of the team who visited one of Young Living’s Farms to harvest and distill essential oils.)

  • Why Young Living and not the cheaper ones from other sources? As I mentioned above, Young Living is the real deal. Even YL oils on Amazon may be FAKE–yup, legit like refilled bottles of junk.
  • I want the oils but what am I committing to? Not much. You get a Premium Starter Kit at 60% retail pricing and access to all the YL lifestyle products at 24% off. No monthly minimums (although most people love our monthly program–I mean, this is a LIFESTYLE not just something you want once.)
  •  I have no clue what I’m doing with these things. I got you. First of all, you pick the person you get started with and since you’re here you can already see a little of what our community has to offer. Wait until you get into our member portal on this site!
  • What do I buy now? Most people get started with the Premium Starter Kit.  This will give you everything you need to really get your feet wet with essential oils. All the basic uses are covered with these 12 essential oils.
  • So, I’m kinda curious about “selling” oils… Sweeeeet! I’d love to help you out. We even have all the resources for you right here on this site. We want to see you succeed and help you along the way. Learn more here.
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