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Mom, wife, nurse, lover of all things fury. My group "Perfectly Imperfect" says it all- I look to partner with those who are looking to improve their lives a little bit each day. This is about evolution, not revolution!

Highly educated, motivated,  nurse that understands traditional healthcare, functional medicine and the impact of life/stress/spirituality on your health. We encourage multiple modalities and harnessing the power of the essential oils and Young Living Toxin free products. I am here to help you make small impactful changes. Education is the key to change. And while we do this- lets have some fun!   AND….If you are ready to embrace a whole new lifestyle and be your own boss- lets talk about how amazing that can be!

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"I am grateful to have met you. I always feel so uplifted after chatting with you...I'm definitely more balanced, healthy and focused..."


"I am incredibly thankful for my family's health and You play a big part in that....."


"These oils and products have been life changing...Thank You"


"I won't go a day without Ningxia....I can function, have less pain and so much energy...."


"Helichrysum has been a game changer for my family.....I use it in so many blends"


"What was in that blend you sent me.....It was awesome and helped relieve so many of my ache's and pains. I'm in!"


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Essential OIls to support emotions, behavior change, addiction and recovery

Essential OIls to support emotions, behavior change, addiction and recovery

Essential OIls to support emotions, behavior change, addiction and recovery
Posted by Kay
Essential OIls to support emotions, behavior change, addiction and recovery
March 5, 2019

Did you know that Essential Oils are a great partner in supporting behavior change, combating urges and reducing stress and anxiety? We all have things that impact our own wellness and “personal balance”.  Maladaptive coping can manifest as poor eating, overuse of alcohol, drugs, excessive spending and many other things. Oils directly impact the Limbic part of the brain and support sustainable change when you are looking to change addictive behaviors.  Curious? drop me a message, I would love to discuss this more with you!

Essential Oils belong in Every Home

Essential Oils belong in Every Home
Posted by Kay
Essential Oils belong in Every Home
February 22, 2019
Our most popular Starter Kit!

YL Essential oils are 100% all natural plant based extracts that can support you and your family. Areas impacted can include- immune, pain, sleep, skin, stress and anxiety. Quality of oil matters- you want hi- grade, therapeutic grade- not perfume/fragrance oils commonly found in your local stores. Ready to learn more- text MENU to 6174203899 to start a class of your choice!

My Why- a powerful personal story

My Why- a powerful personal story
Posted by Kay
My Why- a powerful personal story
February 1, 2019

As an advanced practice nurse and someone who has worked hard to build a solid clinical reputation- I didn’t want people to think I totally flaked out. But I have a story to tell and I think its important. I will keep this as short as possible.About 12 months ago I started using essential oils on my daughter Jackie. I was hoping to get some comfort for her- maybe help her sleep and cough less. She has been on IV antibiotics for 5 years. every day. This was to treat Mycobacterium and her underlying Cystic Fibrosis. Myco was an organism which took over her lungs and forever changed all of our lives. We sought care at NIH in Bethesda because we ran out of traditional options. She has been on an anti-leprosy drug for 3 years- Clofazamine- look up the side effects. We were doing our best to “buy time”. Facing this as a young person was SHITTY- but we always worked to make the best of it. Sometimes that was easy, sometimes not so much. We were told that she would never get off the IV antibiotics- that was what was holding back the organism from growing. In Nov 2016 we started using essential oils on her….In Jan 2017 her first lung culture came back with no growth of the organism. We assumed it was a fluke. Same thing happened in Feb, March, April, May…….we saw it, but we didn’t trust it and so we just sat back and waited.In September,  Jackie ended up in MGH in bad shape. I was scared- and in my head I couldn’t understand how she looked so sick when her cultures had been neg for months. But in my heart, I never believed that her cultures were negative, it was impossible. I was pissed because the oils had failed her. Wrong.They had helped her body to fight the organism. But she still had CF and you get blocked airways – it happens. Long story short- the infectious disease team couldn’t figure out why a person with no bacteria was being treated with antibiotics (seems obvious- but when you are talking about Myco- and you are told we can never get rid of it….you believe that). They removed her port. Why? Because  the reign of terror of Myco was OVER. She has her body back without implants. She can shower normal again, EVERY DAY- 10X A DAY IF SHE WANTS TO- something she hasn’t been able to do in 5 years. She no longer has to dress to cover it. She can swim, go in the hot tub and GET SPLASHED……..she doesn’t have to fight nausea and live her life around a damn IV INFUSION- SHE IS F*^%& FREE to be a 24 yo human- living her LIFE. DO ESSENTIAL OILS SUPPORT WELLNESS AND ARE THEY POWERFUL———-Y.E.S.————–If your life has been enriched by tremendous health and you have never had to scramble to fight for the life of someone you love so dearly, then you are truly blessed. But I will tell you as a Mom and Nurse for over 25+ that NOW is the time for us to wake up and not be afraid to shift our healthcare paradigm and look at alternatives to achieve + maintain wellness…and yes, I will be fighting to get this message out there to the healthcare community and other families who have lived our pain. IF THIS IS WHAT OILS CAN DO FOR MYCO, what do you think they can do for for the everyday small things?

Posted by Kay
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